Saturday, March 19, 2011

Interesting Letter today

I received a very nice letter today from Jay one of the senior vice presidents at United Therapeutics today.  It basically thanked  me for the card that I sent to him thanking him for his kindness in Hawaii and letting him know what a pleasure it was meeting him. 

He had asked Nicole to do a piece of artwork for him so in the thank you card I asked him what his favorite cartoon character was and/or what he would like her to draw.  He made a couple of suggestions.  He also said that either his office or Mindworks (the multimedia company they use) would be contacting me in the near future for some information and coordination of an activity he hopes we will enjoy - he especially knows Nicole will. I'm not sure what this is about.  The only think I can think of  is that Mindworks received a new Macbook Pro laptop that someone in United Therapeutic donated to Nicole.  I will be shipping Nicole's current Dell laptop to their office and they will be transferring all her stuff onto the new labtop and then reformatting the Dell so I will be able to use it.  My current laptop is five years old and the keyboard is having issues so I'm happy about this but Nicole doesn't seem to be too happy as she will miss her laptop that was a birthday present from her grandparents when she turned 15.  I think she will like the Mac better and it is suppose to be much better for graphics which will be great for her being that she's an artist. 

I know that since our trip I had felt that Nicole had been forgotten because I hadn't heard from anybody in UT or Mindworks.  I guess I have to realize they have other customers, personal lives etc. and that I am expecting too much for people.  This is a real issue that I have.  I really need to put my expectations into God and not on people because they will always let me down but God will not. 

Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.

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