Friday, February 25, 2011

Hawaii: Part Five

I believe it is now Wednesday on our adventure in Hawaii.  We woke up early and ordered room service and got ready to do some sight seeing.  We had decided that we were going to Pearl Harbor.  Due to security issues you are not allowed to take anything into the property.  Rick thought this meant that they searched your car etc.  I figured this probably wasn't true but I went along with him and didn't take anything with us.  This was my first mistake....

We got to Pearl Harbor and drove around trying to find a parking spot that wouldn't require us walking a half a mile.  We finally did and got the wheelchair out and the O2 set up and headed in.  I think it is pretty cool that it doesn't cost anything to park nor to get in.  None of the exhibits cost anything either.  He got us tickets to see the USS Arizona memorial in which you see a film than you take a boat out to the memorial which is over where the ship sunk on Dec. 7th.  We walked around and went through the exhibits etc.  While we were waiting for the boat tour Nicole complained that she was tired which I thought was odd because she was in the wheelchair and if anybody should be tired it should be me as I was the one pushing her.  I didn't think much about it.  We went on the boat tour which both Nicole and Rick were disappointed by because this time of year the water is very murky and it is hard to see the sunken boat.  I thought it was still pretty cool and very sadden knowing that men had lost their lives and had went down with the ship and weren't recovered.

After we paid a visit to one of the gift shops for some keepsakes we left to go have lunch and Rick wanted to go to North Shore which is famous for its waves.  When we got to the car and went to fold up the wheelchair I realized that Rick had caught Nicole's  O2 tubing into the wheelchair and had crimped it so it was cut.  No wonder Nicole was tired... because Rick said I couldn't bring anything I didn't have a spare tubing because I didn't have the case that her O2 concentrator goes in where I usually keep an extra tubing.  Nor did I have her medicine and it was getting close to that time.  We found a Ace Hardware and Rick got some electrical tape and taped it up which worked for a short time but Nicole really wasn't getting what she needed.  We went to McDonald's for lunch in the town of North Shore which is a total surfer town.  The road is so little and narrow with shops cluttered on both sides.  There's a park that is along the bank of North Shore that we stopped at and went to the shore line.  There were a lot of lava rocks that were worn from pounding surf it was really neat but wouldn't you know on this particular day the waves were totally flat.... there were a lot of surfers though but to me the water was quite cold.

We left and decided to get back to the hotel so Nicole could get some good O2 and to take her medicine which was overdue.  We missed our exit and ended up in the next town over and had to backtrack.  I had a bad attitude because I was worried about Nicole and knowing that Thursday would be exhausting for us as we have a breakfast meeting and a lunch meeting with UT people before we leave the hotel at 3:00 HST for our 6:00 HST flight to Dallas.

I will be back tomorrow with the continuation of our last day in Hawaii.

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