Friday, February 25, 2011

Hawaii: Conclusion

We made it back safely. We walked in our door about 1:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon.  We were exhausted from traveling all night.  Rick went to Burger King and got lunch.  Our dogs were quite happy to see us.

What has it been like since the trip?  Well, first you have to get over jet lag and then you have to get back into EST.  I was quite tired probably until at least Wed. of this week.  Nicole seemed to do pretty well with all of the travel and stuff which I am totally grateful for.  I would have loved to seen more things but we only had a couple of days where we didn't have any responsibility with UT.  One of those days was Sunday and we all needed that to rest and recuperate.

The people at the hotel and people you see are so nice.  Most people said some type of greeting to you... something I'm not use to living in Florida.  Everything is so expensive, and maybe that was just at the resort.  I did go to a Target and the prices weren't  much different than back home.  The sales tax there is something like 4 %

I feel bad because since about Jan. 5th through Feb. 10th there was a whirlwind of activity ... phone calls, emails, etc., etc. and this week nothing.  I guess I feel that we have been forgotten.  I feel that I'm just being prideful.  I truly want to believe that a lot of good things will come out of all of this.  I was very touched yesterday when Greg sent Nicole a postcard from Hawaii on the day he left... he stayed probably longer than any of the others.  I also got an email from someone we had lunch with on the marketing team thanking us for our time.

My biggest hope is that this was an experience that Nicole will never forget for the rest of her life.  I hope that she was make to feel special like she truly is.  She may be very ill but she can still make an impact on so many lives.

Thanks to all of you who read each of my entries.

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