Monday, December 22, 2014

Frustration with reordering medications......

Just spent 45 minutes on the phone which included being disconnected once in the midst of transferring me.

I have to get Nicole's medication through a specialty pharmacy and they are shipped via UPS monthly.  We get three medications through this pharmacy two of which are oral medications and the third is her continuous medication which she receives subcutaneously through her skin via an infusion pump.

I know how much medication I have left when I call so I start with her Letairis which she will run out of first on Dec. 29th.  The customer service representative is suppose to ask certain questions like did she have her monthly pregnancy test etc. and she didn't.  They have their own calculations of when she will run out and most of the time with the orals we are in sync.  She says I can have this delivered on the 29th.... I said "she runs out on the 29th and I don't want to receive it on the day she runs out" and she replies "well there is a holiday" and I reply "on Thursday".  She then says she will have it delivered on Friday the 26th.... this is much better and I will take this.  I realize that I should have called last week to have this set up but they should have called me saying it was time to reorder and to my knowledge they hadn't.

The second medication she was also suppose to ask questions which she didn't.  I asked her how many tablets Nicole had based on their records and it was what I had which was enough for 13 days including today.  She said do you want it delivered on Friday with the Letairis and I said sure if you can but I don't think you will get insurance approval.  She said sure I do this all the time.  She then says I will have it delivered on January 2nd.    I then asked her to reorder the Remodulin and she says she has to transfer me (usually the same c.s. rep will do it all)  while she's transferring me she disconnects me (at least she called me back).  During this "hold" time I count out 13 days and find that she will run out on the 3rd.... I am not waiting until the day before she runs out to get her meds.

I get another c.s rep who is going to do the Remodulin but before she does this I tell her I need her Adcirca for a sooner date than the 1/2 shipment.  She said the rep is entering it now and puts me on hold.  She isn't able to contact the rep so she is going to fix it herself.  She changes the date to the 30th which is still a little to close for comfort but I will live with it.  She then says she wants to confirm that the Letairis will be delivered on 1/2 and I said "no" she runs out on the 29th.  I am so glad that she confirmed this or I would have been speaking to a supervisor on Friday.

She then tells me that it is to early to re-order the Remodulin which means I have to call twice a month to reorder her medications.  I will call back on the 31st to reorder.   I have re-ordered all her medications even when they are a couple of weeks out for the last 4 years.

When I call back I will also find out if I can get a email or something from UPS stating that I will receive a shipment so I know that it was shipped when it was suppose to be.

This is so frustrating and this is where most of it comes from on a monthly basis is from the pharmacies.

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