Monday, February 2, 2015

Rheumatology Visit

Nicole saw the PA at the rheumatologist office today.  It will be four years this month since she was diagnosed with benign hypermobility joint syndrome (BHJS).  BHJS is a common source of joint or muscle complaints.  It describes looseness of joints that may be associated with daytime pain, nighttime awakening, or discomfort after exercising.  It is also characterized by double jointedness.

The rheumatologist was the one who got Nicole into pulmonary rehab by suggesting it so I could suggest it to her PH doctor.  When Nicole first starting see the rheumatologist she was Vit. D deficient.  She has been on 4,000 IU's of Vitamin D for almost four years.  She was given a prescription to get it tested and we were told that they like it between 60 - 80 and about seven months ago it was 52 so she may be able to go down to 2,000 IU's even though she tried this before and her Vit. D level fell down and she had to go back up.

The rheumatologist has been reluctant to treat her with any medication because of all the other medications she is on.  Today, she was given a sample of a new type of topical cream that she can try for her pain.  Nicole also thought maybe it would help with her site pain.

We will see how this works as I forgot to ask but I am sure that it is by prescription.  She will see the doctor again in August.

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