Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Character Sketch...

I have been going through Nicole's old schoolwork as I had a huge hope chest full of all her books, papers etc. from 6th grade on.  I only need to keep from 10th on in case the county comes back and questions me.

I found this character sketch she did for an assignment in 10th grade English.  This character sketch is of me and this is what she wrote:

Jane Northrop is an awesome person.

She has shoulder-length dark brown hair that is usually in a ponytail.

She wears neutral-colored makeup and carries a big purse whenever she goes out.  She has dark brown eyes and wears glasses for her nearsightedness.  Her typical outfit is either jeans or capris and a t-shirt.  She usually wears sneakers even when she is doing things around the house.  She usually wears a cross necklace and a bracelet and earrings.  She is usually wearing something that spreads awareness about pulmonary hypertension whether it is a t-shirt, bracelet or button.

She tends to complain about her situations a lot.  She tends to be a bit impatient but not more than an average person is.

She has a melancholic type personality.  Generally, she reacts to change somewhat badly, not liking it at all, but she is very strong and takes the change head on.  However, she is usually stressed out about something whether it's because of what she has to do or because of other people.  She usually has a bit of a negative attitude, but she tries her hardest to have a positive attitude.

She tends to judge others easily, especially when she feels they have wronged her.  She tends to get upset at others, especially when they did something she feels they shouldn't have done.

Everybody believe s that she is a very kind person with a very godly heart.  They also think she's organized and very strong emotionally.

She is typically at home with me, stressing out about what she has to do.  She procrastinates a lot, though,  and is usually found on the computer checking Facebook.

She tends to agree to do a lot of things, and that causes her to stress.  She is a very devoted Christian and spends time every day on several devotions.  She is also very devoted to helping me with my medical illness. She is very loyal to her family and friends and will try and help them if they need.  She is an organized person, even though she doesn't see it because she can never find anything. 

I'm not sure if this is the end of it or I'm just missing the second page....

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