Friday, February 1, 2013

Follow up with Infectious Disease Doctor

Nicole took her last doses of antibiotics yesterday.  I know she was so thankful as the Flagyl caused a very bad taste in her mouth where nothing tasted good and also the nausea was brutal.  She also vomited last night. 

We had a follow up appointment that the doctor requested upon her discharge from the hospital.  He answered all our questions today.   My biggest question was/is how did she get colitis?  He doesn't know.  Every blood culture and every test for bacterias that cause colitis came back negative.  He is also curious as to why they couldn't see her appendix on the catscan.  He said he wasn't totally convinced that she had infectious colitis as this is usually widespread through the colon and hers was focal in one spot where the colon joins the appendix that they couldn't see.  The antibiotics took the fever away so as he said to Nicole she is just a mystery to them.  I agree with this.  Nicole her whole life has had issues that the doctors can't tell us why she has them.   He couldn't answer with certainty if this would happen again.  I explained to him about the Remodulin causes diarrhea and he said that her having diarrhea on a regular would not cause colitis. 

He did recommend that she be evaluated again with a gastroenterologist.  She has seen two different ones in her lifetime.  She has had a sonogram, an endoscopy, been tested for lactose intolerance, celiac disease and I believe that is all.  He believes that she should be tested for crohn's disease and/or colitis that is caused by ulcers which both fall into irritable bowel disease.  I didn't find anything that said irritable bowel syndrome will cause colitis and he didn't mention being tested for that.  He said that they did not have to put her to sleep for a colonoscopy they could just sedate her. 

I will just wait for a report from his office of the visit and then talk to her ph specialist and her cardiologist and get their opinion on how this should be handled.  I definitely don't want to see her in the hospital again and I know she doesn't either. 

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